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Hand Massage Chart

Massage the whole hand, front and back, working all tender spots. Use a steady pressure to relax and deaden pain. Massage to stimulate and heal. Spine neck and lower lumbar reflexes are on back of hand. Thumb webs also affect neck, spine, stomach, liver (r), heart (l) and thyroid.

See your physician for severe problems.

The following are message zone therapy techniques which have brought many people relief.

Allergies appendix end illeocecal valve reflex.
Arthritis ALL reflexes, especially glandular.
Carsickness little finger, 4th finger, ear reflex.
Colds clothes pins and message on fingers, lung and kidney reflex, Don't over massage.
Ears pressure on joints of ring end 5th fingers.
Fever pituitary reflex
Hair buff fingernails with nails of other hand.
Headaches stomach end eye reflexes, thumb and web, all fingers, rotate thumb.
Hemorrhoids probe tongue on far beck 5-10 min. NOT IF PREGNANT.
Hiccoughs thumb and web, next 2 fingers, grasp tongue with cloth end pull.
Hypoglycemia center of hand, webs, liver, pituitary and gonad reflexes.
Nerves press hands together at fingertips, clasp hands tightly, yawn and stretch, clench teeth.
Respiratory thumb, fingers and webs, press on tongue end floor of mouth.
Sexual organs thumb and base. 1st finger, wrist, pituitary reflex. probe tongue.
Stroke thumb end fingers, liver end pituitary reflex.
Toothache pressure for 3-20 min on thumb for front teeth, other fingers for back teeth.

For best health, use "whole body" approach -- exercise, message, diet. herbs, water, air, sun, etc.

This list end Chart is not a prescription nor is it intended to replace the services of a physician.