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Acute of short duration and relatively severe.
Adjustment Chiropractic technique in which joints are manipulated to return the body to proper alignment
Alignment Correct anatomical position or relationship of body parts, particularly in joints; called posture when referring to the whole body
Atlas The uppermost and most freely moveable bone of the spine
Biomechanics The application of mechanical laws to living structures
Cervical The vertabrae of the neck, usually seven bones
Chiropractic Science and art of natural healing and maintaining health which emphasizes proper skeletal alignment and nervous system function; characteristic manual technique is the chiropractic adjustment
Disc A cartilage (cushion / pad) that separates spinal vertabrae, absorbs shocks to the spine, and protects the nerve system
Facet The actual joint surface of a spinal bone, facing the adjacent bone above or below
Fixation Being held in a fixed position. An area of the spine or specific joint with restricted movement
Health A state of optimum physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absense of disease and infirmity
Intervertebral Foramania The lateral opening through which spinal nerve roots exit the spinal column
Lumbar The vertebrae of the lower back, usually five bones
Massage Manipulation of the soft tissues of the body using techniques such as kneading, sliding, pressure vibration, friction, and stretching
Palpation Examining the spine with your fingers; the art of feeling with the hand
Range of Motion The range, measured in degrees of a circle, through which a joint can be moved
Sacrum The triangular bone at the base of the spine
Spinous Process A posterior protruding part of a spinal bone that can be seen or felt when examining the spine
Sublaxation A condition of misalignment in a joint and the resulting structural, nervous sustem, and chemical dysfunctions
Thoracic Pertaining to the part of the spinal column from the base of the neck to about 6 inches above the waistline
Transverse Process Lateral Protrusions (wings) of bone from the vertebrae to which powerful muscles and ligaments attach
Vertebra Any of the individual bones of the spinal column
Whiplash An injury to the spine caused by an abrupt jerking motion, either backward, forward, or sideways