Do you suffer from...

Herniated or Bulging Discs?
Degenerative Disc Disease?
Posterior Facet Syndrome?
General Low Back Pain?

At Calcaiseu Spinal Care, we combine state of the art medical treatment with traditional chiropractic care to treat a variety of spinal disorders. Some of these conditions require surgery, but at Calcasieu Spinal Care, we can help ease the pain without surgery by using the latest medical treatment called IDD. Intervertebral Differential Dynamics (IDD) Therapy consists of a set of medical treatment programs developed by a team of renowned neurologists, orthopedists and neurosurgeons to rehabilitate and heal damaged structures in the spine. Theprotocol is non-invasive and does not involve drug therapy. These low back specialists conducted extensive clinical studies to validate the remarkable results obtained with IDD Therapy. A significant component of this medical regimen incorporates the use of a patented orthopedic machine. This device, called the Spina™ machine, promotes self-healing through effective distraction of the spine. Calcasieu Spinal care is the only facility in the Lake Charles area to provide IDD therapy.

We are a Participating Provider with the following:

  • Oschner Sisters of Charity
  • State Employees Group Benefits Program
  • Private Health Care Systems
  • Blue Cross / Blue Shield of Louisiana
  • Southeast Medical Alliance
  • Southwest Medical Alliance
  • Health Advantage
  • Medicare
  • Advantage 65
  • Cigna Health Care
  • Southwest Louisiana PHO
  • Southeast Louisiana PHO Group Insurance
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  • United Health Care
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  • CNA Insurance


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